Berlin’s best-kept secret

Bring your friends, bring your family and bring food.

The Rheingauer Weinbrunnen on Berlin’s Rüdesheimer Platz is a wonderful place to get together in the evening after a day’s work – or after a long conference day.

Three winemakers from the Rheingau wine-growing area on the shores of the river Rhine take turns to introduce their wines over the summer, and some of the surrounding restaurants provide the food to match. However, if you or your friends have time to prepare some food, it’s even nicer and more convivial to bring your own culinary creations. Take a seat at one of the long tables and share this very unique Abendbrot with those fortunate enough to be with you – or even with complete strangers who happen to sit at the same table.

It is also a great venue for kids. They can run around, make new friends and there’s a playground nearby.

People often ask me: “Is this really open EVERY night?” The answer is: “Yes”. During the summer months, the opening times are:

Sunday to Thursday:
15:00 – 21:30
Friday & Saturday:
5:00 – 22:30

How to get there: Take the U3, get off at Rüdesheimer Platz, cross the street and join the fun.



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Text & Photo: Angelika Welt-Mooney

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