Dresdener Strasse

If someone called me up and said I had ten seconds to pick just one street to visit in Berlin from now on, we’d still have nine left for a chat.

Dresdener Strasse in Kreuzberg is brilliant. If anyone tells you otherwise, send them to me. I’d bring them round by feeding them a nice piece of cake, taking them to the cinema, and then buying them a champagne cocktail that rocks as much as the street we’ve been on all this time.

That’s the thing with Dresdener Strasse: once you’re on it, you hardly need to go anywhere else. Tucked behind the sci-fi tower blocks at Kottbusser Tor and lined with pre-war buildings, it’s got everything you need for a morning/afternoon/night out. I can’t list all the bars and cafes here, so I’ll just go with my favourites. Continue reading